A little about Amina!

We are so happy to finally be launching this passion project on ours…Amina Candle Co.  
A little about myself, my name is Chay.  When my son, Amari, made me a mother six years ago, I was very lost trying to figure out how to be the greatest mother I want to be and still connect myself with my old self.  I’m pretty sure I was in denial that everything has already changed.  I fought it for a few months, maybe even a year.  I fought being my new self so much that I went back to work when my son was only five months old.  At only five months he spent more time with my mother-in-law, who is amazing by the way, while I go and trade my time away from him.  After a few months it hit me.  I felt so selfish and so much regret that I cried driving home and then park at our nearby 7eleven to calm my self-induced anxiety over being an abandoning mother.  Sounds dramatic I know, but dramatic is me!  After my daughter, Mina, made me a mother of two it was different.  One child was hard, but two was chaos…I was outnumbered, but also twice the amount of happiness.  I became and fully embraced being a stay at home mom.  I opened my eyes and my heart to the joy my children brought me every day.  Those are pretty amazing little humans I have.
My son Amari Michael (name meaning “eternal” and his middle name in dedication of his late dear uncle) – a very smiley, lover of all things, kind hearted boy.  He lives his life with such a light that fills an entire room and it is so selfless.  I mean nothing about this kid is tainted…he is just so beautiful.  I am very lucky to be his Beyblade battle partner.
My daughter Mina Honora (name meaning “gift” and her middle name in dedication of my paternal grandmother who raised me) – feisty, saucy, and nurturing all at the same time.  She is a loyal daddy’s girl and protector of all things princess and mermaids.  
Therefore, meet our family love project – Amina Candle Co.!  We combined our kids first names to Amina which also means “trust” and “faith”.  I mean it just feels right, we are exactly where we are supposed to be!
Our mission?  To be your handcrafted candle making company of choice, that produces high quality soy scented candles.  
"Be like a candle, give your warmth and light to others."
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