Hello, my candle friends!

I started Amina Candle Co. as a hobby and basically because I couldn’t afford Bath and Body works anymore. During the beginning of CoVid when everything was shutting down and the hoarding of toilet paper began. Just like everybody around the world, I also experienced heightened anxiety and bouts of depression. I knew I needed to focus that energy somewhere and turn it into something positive. Afterall, my children are just too perfect to not have a happy mom. I’ve never thought of myself as a creative person, but in the name of trying my hands outside of my comfort zone, I made my first candle. Eventually I wanted to make more and more of it, making it different and better each time.

I decided that after having my other business shut down and eating all the pandemic snacks with my kids and husband, that I would make candles. From there it escalated very quickly. I became so obsessed with learning what goes into a candle, how to make them burn better, longer, stronger, and cleaner. I made mistakes and learned to correct them. I started to pay more attention to the candles that we were buying, and ingredients that are in them. Turns out making candles is tough and quite expensive, but I enjoy it. And just like that, I’m a chandler!!

Amina Candle Co is a collaboration between a change I needed for me and my family in Spring of 2021 and an overall sense of creating our space to be cozy all while focusing on a cause, sharing our warmth and light to others, in a world in need of just that. It’s the center of all that we do and Amina Candle Co is no different. Light a candle in the darkness while we shine that light on Mental Awareness.

Thank you for stopping by and allowing us to be a part of your home.



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